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Suisse PAMP Lunar Tiger Gold 5g Bar

The third year in the Lunar Calendar Series at PAMP Suisse features the image of the powerful tiger. The tiger is the worlds largest living wild cat and has a long, muscular frame with shorter legs than other members of the Panthera genus.

The protective blistercards seal the bar and the center and offer a red assay card as part of the packaging. The assay features decorative elements on the obverse,with the date and the series information. The reverse side of the assay card includes the weight, purity, and metal content of the bar, with the unique serial number on the card and the signature of a certified assayer.

A tiger is depicted descending down the obverse field of the PAMP Suisse Lunar Tiger Gold Bar. In this design, the powerful tiger is shown climbing skilfully down the trunk of a tree with its front legs bracing its body as the rear legs rest in the Y-branch of the tree trunk.

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