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Do I need to make any payment through your website?

No payment is required at the time of placing the order. Payment will be collected upon delivery or collection of goods.

Can you store my silver on my behalf if I place an order?

Currently, we do not offer any storage services.

Can I amend my order after my order is confirmed?

No, upon order confirmation you are NOT allowed to amend your order. You may place a new order if you wish to purchase more items.

Can I cancel my order?

No. By submitting your order, you are placing a legally binding offer in relation to the products in the shopping cart.

Are the prices locked in when I place my order?

Yes. Prices will be locked in upon checking out.

Is there a minimum order amount?

No minimum order amount is required, we accept all quantity.

Do you buy back my silver?

Yes. We do buy back your silver provided that it’s sold by us with sales invoice issued by SilverAg. We reserve the right to reject any buy back. Please contact us for buyback pricing.

Is the prices GST inclusive?

As we are not a GST registered company, we do not charge GST.

How to purchase bullion from SilverAg?

To purchase bullion, simply create an account on our website and submit your order on the online store. Upon receiving online order, our representative will contact you within 1-3 working days for purchase confirmation and arrangement will be made.




Do you ship internationally?

No. Unfortunately, we are not set up to distribute outside Singapore at this moment, but do check back with us occasionally as we plan to expand this service.




What are the bank transfer details?

Payment to be made to “SilverAg Pte Ltd”
Bank: Maybank Singapore Limited
Bank Code: 7302
Branch Code: 014
Account: 041-41089124

What happens if payment is not received within the applicable time period?

If payment is not received within 3 working days, we reserve the right to cancel your order, or provide a new quotation based on the current spot price.

How quickly will you require the payment?

Payment has to be made to “SilverAg Pte Ltd” within 3 working days upon sales confirmation. We reserve the right to cancel any orders that do not meet this requirement.

What methods of payment do SilverAg accept?

We accept cash, cashier’s order and internet banking payments.



Other Information

What does London Spot Fix mean?

A price per ounce for each of the precious metals (gold, silver, platinum and palladium) determined daily at 10:30 and 15:00 GMT by a brief conference call among the five members of the London Gold Pool (Scotia-Mocatta, Barclays Capital, Deutsche Bank, HSBC and Societe Generale). The London spot fix price is the price fixed at the moment when the conference call terminates. Members of the London Gold Pool belong to the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA). The LBMA provides the daily spot fix prices on its website in U.S. dollars, British pounds and euros. The price does not remain fixed throughout the morning and throughout the afternoon, however, and begins to vary immediately after the spot fix.

Does tarnish, scratches or dents affect the value of my bullion?

Tarnish is only a natural reaction to oxygen and sulfur on the bullion itself. Depending on the appearance of the tarnish, it may or may not be so appealing to the buyer. Slight scratches caused by the minting process are commonly found in uncirculated mint condition silver and gold coins, wafers and bars. And it does not affect the value of your bullion unless it is drop or scratch on purpose. It may be slightly harder to sell them in the future. On the contrary, you should learn to see all bullion as hundred dollar bills. Crush it, step on it, you’ll still take it no matter what condition it’s in.

What is the difference between Bullion and Proof coins?

Bullion coins’ value depends strictly on the amount of silver contained inside it. Proof coins, on the other hand, are intentionally produced to be collector’s items and have value over and above the value of their silver content. Proof coins are normally produced in limited quantities, so that their scarcity adds immediate numismatic value for collectors.

How many grams are in a Troy Ounce?

There are 31.1034768 grams in a Troy Ounce.

Do bullion products come with a certificate of authenticity?

Yes, a maker’s mark and statement of weight and fineness is stamped directly onto the bullion, whether coins or ingots. The bullion itself, in effect, bears its own ‘certificate’ from whichever mint or refiner produced it.

Are bullion coins legal tender?

Yes, if they are government issued bullion coins with a face value.