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Armenia Noah Ark Monster Box Silver (500 x 1oz)

The Noah´s Ark coin is the first investment grade bullion coin issued by the Central Bank of Armenia. These 1 oz Silver Armenian coins are legal tender in the Republic of Armenia at nominal value. The design on the coin depicts a dove in flight with an olive branch and Noah’s Ark floating on floodwaters in front of Mount Ararat and the rising sun. 

The story of Noah´s Ark and the Great Flood is well recognized around the world. Noah´s Ark is the most meaningful symbol in Armenian history. The Noah´s Ark investment coin will widely promote recognition of Armenia’s ancient history and cultural values. Given permission by the Central Bank of Armenia, Geiger Edelmetalle GmbH in Germany is striking the Noah´s Ark coins. The Noah´s Ark Silver investment coins, made of 99.9-fine Silver


Cost Per Weight Unit

SGD $ 26.82/oz



$ 13,410.21